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Budongo forest restoration launched


Budongo forest restoration launched

World Wide Fund for Nature in Uganda (WWF) has today launched the Forest Restoration and Carbon Absorption (FRECAR) project.

According to WWF Country Director David Duli, FRECAR is a Ugandan project aimed at regenerating the most deforested natural forests, hence the reason for targeting the forests in the Muzizi and Budongo.

“The State of Forests Report 2015 indicated that, these forests in the Muzizi and Budongo in Bunyoro region have the highest levels of forest loss (over 60% of the forests in this region have been lost between 2005 and 2015),” he said in a statement released on social media 29, June, Tuesday

The project will be implemented in the Bugoma-Kagombe Landscape which comprises of Bugoma, Kyamurangi Group of Central Forest Reserve (CFRs) Kagombe, and Kitechura/ Ibambaro CFRs; using a mix of approaches that include active planting on the CFRs, boundary strengthening, and engaging communities to participate in the protection of the CFRs, reduce pressure and have improved livelihood.

Duli noted that the long term outcome of the project is to ensure “Forest cover in the landscape are regenerated to create a positive impact on carbon stocks and community benefits” with a focus of at least 1 million tons of CO2 Emissions in the 20th year of the project.

“The current project is 4m USD for 20 years; 5 years active implementation, 5 years of maintaining the planted areas and 10 years of monitoring impacts on carbon, biodiversity, community and households. We anticipate a minimum of 4 more projects to augment our efforts in the landscape,” he said

He also revealed that WWF Uganda received funding from VELUX Foundation, Denmark to implement project and the Lead Implementing Partner is National Forestry Authority (NFA).

“We expect a lot of proactive engagement and keen interest in ensuring the project is delivered on schedule, technically sound and financially transparent,” Duli revealed

Duli added that the project will equip NFA and other actors at field level with the technologies that are user friendly.

“These technologies will be helpful when the project closes, the institutions equipped will continue to service the technologies, and maintain the capacity to take on the others that will emerge,” he said

Adding: “Lastly I would like to thank NFA for the good working relationship since 2006 during of the biodiversity project, the Wambabya and Nkusi Projects, and the North Rwenzori Restoration Project, the current southern Bugoma with KCSON and the one we are launching today.”

Budongo is one of the biggest habitats for chimpanzees in Uganda.



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