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Apass attacks media for hyping some individuals to celebrity status


Apass attacks media for hyping some individuals to celebrity status


Musician Alex Bagonza aka Apass has criticised Uganda’s media for giving some individuals undeserved hype and airtime simply because they have posted an opinion on social media pages.

Using his …Through a Social Media post he shared on Monday morning, Apass said: “Ugandan TV and media has created stupid Celebrities, people get recognized for being stupid and for doing nothing but talk nonsense and it’s funny how some of you look at these people as role models. Role models for what!!!”

Apass’s anguish comes in the wake of some mainstream media outlets such as NBS giving attention to some socially controversial characters to air their views on different topics.

Many of his followers who are already overwhelmed with the situation mentioned Full figure, Bajjo and blogger Isma as some of the media made Celebrities who are badly influencing news.

A one Qatahar said: “This is an important conversation you have started. As a person who Previously worked on TV, I’m very conscious of the monsters we have built as ‘Celebrities’, ‘analysts’ and ‘public figures’. They each have a direct impact on the lives of the people who watch the TV and they also get a form of Power of disinformation. I think the conversation should be broadened and made more honest. You are right a lot of people who appear on TV regularly do not deserve and do not work and read as hard enough to be on the platform.”

Sophie Kaddunabbi said: ” Exactly, they give platforms to people like Isma, Full Figure, Bajjo instead of bringing experts in different sectors, they are working with the Junta to keep the population behind as they grab everything.”

Namirembe Berexy said: ” That’s true, they make people trend for no reason and they be hosting them on every TV show. I am with you on this. These TV shows do create stupid people and make them celebs.”



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