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Mukono Saccos fail to recover Emyooga funds


Mukono Saccos fail to recover Emyooga funds

Mukono district MPs
while visiting one of the SACCOs in Mukono

In 2019, government launched Emyooga program aiming at creating jobs and improving household incomes of Ugandans in various categories including the boda boda riders, journalists, taxi drivers, restaurant owners, artists, welders among others.

Consequently, government set aside UGX 100 billion for the programme, with each constituency in the country receiving about UGX 560 million.

The program is a revolving fund and the repayment period is six months.

How ever, following complaints from across the country that the funds were not reaching the people, Parliament launched a probe by asking all MPs to go their constituencies to probe the funds.

For Mukono District, Savings and Credit Cooperative Organization-Saccos are yet to recover funds that were disbursed to beneficiaries under program.

The district registered 1,093 associations forming 51 Saccos in Mukono North, South and Nakifuma County with each of the Saccos receiving UGX 30 Million.

While Meeting Members of Parliament assessing the impact of the program, the principal commercial officer Beatrice Owembabazi revealed that UGX 1.6 billion was disbursed to the three counties in February.

However, to the shock of legislators, Owembabazi said that none of the associations has returned the money yet.

Kenneth Ntege, the District Commercial Officer faulted effects of COVID-19 pandemic for the delay repayments by association that were given money.

“The ban on public transport also hindered the movement of commercial officers to monitor the program,” he said.

Fred Kayondo, the Mukono South MP says the disbursed money is inadequate to improve the welfare of the community.

The Mukono District Woman MP Hanifah Nabukeera requested the commercial officers to print out the list of the beneficiaries before they could ask the government to increase the funds.

Members of Parliament are currently on a working recess to assess the impact of Emyooga funds in their constituencies before the commencement of the 490 Billion Shillings Parish Development Model.



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