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Uganda’s embassy in Russia tells Ugandans to get in touch


Uganda’s embassy in Russia tells Ugandans to get in touch

Heavy bombing of Ukrainian capital Kyiv has caused a lot of destruction

The Ugandan Embassy in the Russian Federation which is also responsible for Ukraine has urged Ugandans in both countries to remain calm but also inform it about their whereabouts.

The embassy has told Ugandans to be cautious and monitor local news for updates, and observe the instructions as issued by the government of Ukraine during the ongoing situation.

“The Ugandan community is urged to notify the Embassy immediately about their safety, whereabouts and the situation as it prevails.

The Embassy can be contacted through the following medium; Email: WhatsApp +7 9671181035 +7 9671182773 and Telephone: +7 499 230-22-76 +7 499 238-00-68,”

“It is our prayer that the situation will be short lived and that normality will soon be restored,” the Embassy added.

The Embassy estimates that about 100 Ugandans are in Ukraine.

Russian forces invaded Ukraine on February 24 and have bombarded a number of cities including the capital Kyiv.



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