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F.D.C start early campaigns to identify 2026 flag bearers


F.D.C start early campaigns to identify 2026 flag bearers

FDC President Patrick Oboi Amuriat in Mukono district meeting leaders

Buikwe Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) leadership has started early campaigns by launching grass-root leaders at village level as well as identification of 2026 for local and parliamentary elections candidates.

While launching Najjembe Division local leaders, Buikwe district L.C 5 chairman who is also the district FDC boss, Mr. Jimmy Kanaabi told party supporters that FDC candidates performed well in Buikwe district in previous 2021 elections and hence the need to safeguard this performance with better results in the forthcoming elections in 2026.

According to the Greater Mukono 2021 general election report, FDC fronted 108 candidates for Buikwe district, winning 30 posts, 27 for Buvuma district winning 09 posts, 14 candidates in Kayunga and won 05 while the party fronted 10 candidates in Mukono even though they didn’t win any post there.

Mukono party leaders blamed this poor performance on interference by District Woman MP Betty Bakireke Nambooze

Buikwe leadership launch followed the party’s 2021 general elections performance assessment and evaluation workshop for all greater Mukono flag bearers from the districts of Mukono, Buikwe, Kayunga and Buvuma respectively held in Lugazi Municipality towards the end of last year, where FDC President Mr. Patrick Oboi Amuriat told party members who attended the workshop that he was also nominated 30 days to the set presidential nominations deadline, yet he had to campaign in the whole country.

To avoid such mistakes, interested candidates planning to hold the party flag were advised to express their interests through their structural grass root leaders before being forwarded to the secretariat for vetting.

He said: “We realized late that Besigye was not standing for presidential elections. We declared our candidate late (one month) before nominations deadline. We had only 65 days to campaign countrywide with minimal resources. If FDC had not fronted a Presidential candidate in 2021 elections, the party would be no more by now.”

Let us counter (Pesident) Museveni’s 2026 campaign using his Muhoozi project. We failed to front candidates in various electoral areas because of late preparations”

According to the party president, FDC launched its 2026 electioneering process in Buganda/ central region to contain the National Unity Platform (NUP) waves amongst the youths.

“NUP messages have the potential to confuse the youth. They claim FDC is the same as NRM. Though NUP leadership is advancing strategies to work with us, they should apologize to us for their comments against our party”, he said.

FDC chief mobiliser, Kaps Fungaru urged Greater Mukono members to always attend funerals and weddings in party colours to promote the party.

He said: “The secretariat will facilitate with branded tents in such events. Always be the first to arrive and the last to leave. Involve your selves in fetching water and serving food. This will strengthen our party even without saying FDC oyee”.

During the workshop, Lugazi Municipality Mayor J.B Asea Ozuma was awarded for mobilizing for the party during the concluded elections.

The workshop attracted various FDC senior members like the Secretary General, Mr. Nathan Nandala Mafabi, FDC chief mobiliser Kaps Fungaru among others.



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