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Museveni tells off fanatical NRM supporters


Museveni tells off fanatical NRM supporters

President Museveni kicked off his wealth creation campaign in northern Uganda

As president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and his son, Gen. Kainerugaba Muhoozi, each continue to angle themselves for the 2026 election, the father has told off opportunistic politicians and voters plus fanatical supporters seeking to draw him into an early campaign of running for power for the umpteenth time.

According to the Museveni 2026 is still far yet there are many pressing problems waiting for him to urgently solve for anyone to again be drawn into an early campaign three years to the right time of that political activity.

The president’s new stand looks like a jab to the key ruling party officials such as Hajj Moses Kigongo, the party national vice chairman, Vice President Jessica Alupo, Prime Minister Robinnah Nabbanja Musafiri and Gen. Severino Kahinda Otafiire, the Internal Affairs minister and others all who have been heard, witnessed and seen begging Museveni to kindly accept to run as the sole candidate for NRM come 2026.

Museveni’s stand comes at a time when his son, Gen. Kainerugaba Muhoozi has already issued a warning to the Old Turks to stop usurping the common man’s right by choosing who to stand for power on the NRM ticket.

Looking not to miss out on the favor and limelight of this campaign, the LCV of Amuru district Peter Okello chanced upon the president’s visit to the area this week to join the band wagon.

Okello was joined by the Woman lawmaker for Amuru, Catherine Lamwaka to kindly beg Museveni to accept to go for another round of election in 2026 as the NRM’s sole candidate.

Okello took this campaign a bit too far. He claims how all the entire constituency in the eighteen administrative units in Amuru support the president’s sole candidature without exception.

Okello and his group had secured a beautiful poster bearing the photograph of the president beforehand and arrived where the president was complete with the poster.

These people had timed the president’s visit to Amuru to use the chance to opportunistically present him with the poster as they looked to possibly earn favor from the big man.

Their intention had been to use the opportunity to ask the big man to sign the poster to endorse his acceptance of what they were demanding of him to do come 2026.

If they thought the president was going to like what they were demanding of him at that point in time, they were terribly mistaken.

Other than praising and thanking them for caring about him and for their generosity, the president told them to take away the poster because he had not gone to Omoro to seek to be the sole candidate of NRM for 2026.

Other than wasting time by engaging in what he calls a premature campaign to market his sole candidature, the president counseled Okello and his group to instead assist him to popularize his wealth creation campaign.

He points out that leaders at all levels and in different walks of life can do this by urging the people they lead to engage in calculative commercial farming.

Borrowing from the Biblical verse which states that everything has it’s time, the president asks fellow leaders to leave politicking for now and work hard to find solutions to a myriad of problems affecting their people.

“When we are still cooking food it won’t be right to bring dishes to serve what has been properly cooked,” the president counsels

The president was expected in Apaa to fix the problem of resettling the people from the game reserves after his prime minister, Robinah Nabbanja Musafiri had been chased from there by the people to be evicted.

Nabbanja had given three months to the people to relocate or face the full wrath of the soldiers.

The people didn’t take Nabbanja’s threats lightly and told her to leave at once or else hesitate and face the worst.

Thanks to soldiers and policemen staying in barracks within the vicinity who rushed and evacuated Nabbanja, her life had looked to be in peril after irate the locals had started to hurl stones and all sorts of objects towards her.

The prime minister was finally airlifted to safety back in Kampala.



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