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NEED rallies support for Alaso


NEED rallies support for Alaso

Serere County MP candidate seeks to bounce back and give her party Alliance for National Transformation it’s first ever MP. She was at the press conference with NUP Secretary General Louis Rubongoya (left) and ANT President Mugisha Muntu

The National Economic Empowerment Dialogue party has joined the rest of the political opposition to support the candidature of Alice Alaso from for the position of Serere county Member of parliament.

Asuman Odaka the party secretary general says that whereas there is no leveled playing field in the Serere By-Election scheduled this Thursday, the National Economic Empowerment Dialogue party is taking part to show solidarity and give hope to the electorate.

Alaso from the Alliance for National Transformation is also backed by the National Unity platform party among political parties.

Asking the party supporters in Serere District to support Alaso in this contest, Odaka revealed that whereas the NRM party structures are overriding the mandate of the Electoral Commission, the Opposition should take part in the by-elections to expose the undemocratic tendencies of the ruling party.

Odaka alleges that the office of the Resident District Commissioner is using government vehicles to campaign for the NRM candidate but also ferrying sticks for beating up their political rivals.

“We do not expect miracles this time in Serere because we know Museveni told us that he is the one who makes the last decision, it’s not the electoral commission it is himself,….so our taking part is to show the people of Teso the kind of government they are dealing with, not to legitimize the whole process but rather to expose Museveni and his group,” Odaka notes

“For instance, already the news we are getting from there (Serere) is that cars with red number plates are the ones being used to give money, to abduct people and to transport goons,” Odaka further explains.

The Serere county parliamentary seat fell vacant after the its MP Bishop Patrick Okabe perished in a road accident in December 2022.

Meanwhile Odaka called on the political opposition to avoid falling into President Museveni’s trap resulting in sharp divisions because of the recent release of Makindye West MPs Allan Ssewanyana and Muhammad Ssegirinya (Kawempe North).

Odaka says that opposition figures should not be fighting each other just because of the negotiated freedom of the two MPs, because there are still many political prisoners incarcerated plus many other pertinent issues affecting many Ugandans worthy to be addressed.



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