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Hospital administrator nabbed for aiding LGBTQ patients to access treatment


Hospital administrator nabbed for aiding LGBTQ patients to access treatment

Akumu is facing charges of aiding homosexuality

A staff of one of Kampala’s top-notch health facilities identified as Akumu Jolly Winifreda has landed herself in hot soup for allegedly facilitating homosexuals access to healthcare services at her place of work contrary to the views of the facility managers.

The Sunrise has learnt that on May 2, 2023, undercover police detectives swooped in on Akumu (Pictured right) at her place of work – Benedict Medical Centre – located along Old Port bell road in Kampala, and had her arrested.

Disguising themselves as homosexuals, the detectives laid a trap that she fell into, by seeking medical assistance and pleaded with her to seek an emergency appointment with a physician The Sunrise has learnt.

Sources within in the intelligence community have confirmed to The Sunrise that Akumu willingly accepted to extend the needed assistance, which ended up backfiring on her.

Sources in the force further intimate to us that they were tipped off by other members of the hospital because Akumu had turned the facility into some sort of escape for the LGBTQ patients where she offered counseling services among others.

She was charged with the offence of promoting non-natural behaviour, (homosexuality) only to be saved by her husband and relative who helped her secure police bond.

According to case file No. CRB005/2023 of Wandegeya Police, the suspect has been aiding other people to commit the offence of homosexuality – which is outlawed by Uganda’s law.

The case file further indicates that Akumu with her fellow workmates who are on the run including  Nakiganda Ruth, Owonda Brian ,Ajok Torach Christine ,Oyergiu Marrion and Aketch Esther  have been helping homosexual offenders to access medications for sexually transmitted infections or in other common conditions when the muscles of anuses of homos start to leak poo.

It is rumoured that Benedict Medical Centre where Akumu, 48, is employed, was until recently frequented by LGBTQ persons owing to its background.

The facility was established by the late Italian Catholic priest Father John Scalabrini. Although homosexuality is said to have existed in Uganda as far back as 1800 during the reign of Buganda king Mwanga, many cases of homosexuality have recently been heard to have been committed by Catholic priests in the West.

Although the Constitutional Court annulled the Anti-Homosexuality Act, (the Bahati Bill) Members of the 11th Parliament are understood to be mooting plans to reintroduce it.

Unlike other healthcare facilities where LGBTQ individuals are discriminated against, Benedict Medical centre is said to be accommodative of gay people. The passing away of its founder Father Scalabrini, may however have changed the facility’s policy on homosexuals.

Although the Penal Code Act CAP 120, Section 145 specifically addresses itself to the individuals who engage in sex against the order of nature, overzealous police officers have in recent years rounded up people who associate with homos. The Bahati bill had widened the net for controlling the vice by criminalizing promotion of homosexuality.

In recent years, homosexuality has become a foul word in social discourses in Uganda. As a result, politicians and other opinion leaders have been fighting to be seen as most opposed to it for popularity reasons.

Opposition to the socially adverse behaviour, has not deterred those who want to push for its adoption. Reports have emerged indicating that many international agencies are trying hard to introduce policies that promote terms such as ‘inclusion’ ‘gender neutrality’ as a way to promote tolerance to homosexuals.



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