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Tolerance, respect for one another is the bedrock of peace, Mufti Menk

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Tolerance, respect for one another is the bedrock of peace, Mufti Menk

Mufti Menk preacdhing during his recent tour to Uganda

Mufti Menk preaching during his recent tour to Uganda

His inspirational, educational and motivational teachings left both the Muslim and non-Muslim communities of Uganda yearning for more.

Regularly quoting from the Holly Quran and prophetic sayings (Hadith), accompanied with translations and explanations in English in a clear loud voice, Mufti Menk’s sermons wowed both muslims and non-muslims alike.

His articulate sermons that touched our everyday lives, made the grand Mufti of Zimbabwe appear out of this world. But he was quick to remind all of those that tried to glorify his name to desist from it, insisting that he is indeed human and prone to making mistakes.

Mufti Menk’s invitation to Uganda had been sent to him more than 5 years ago but his busy schedule kept him from honoring it until finally he accepted to visit Uganda a fortnight ago.

His visit was organized by the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council and attracted the attention of all the followers of Prophet Muhammad regardless of sect.

Speaking under the theme: ‘Building bridges’ the celebrated speaker delivered over seven addresses at different locations in and around Kampala. His messages touched on Islam as the religion of peace, the need for tolerance and respect for one another, trust in marriages among other themes.

The world renown Muslim scholar’s biggest audience was at the Mandela national Stadium in Namboole, where he addressed an estimated 40,000 people.

His display of humility was notable. While at Nambole, he refused to use napkins to wipe his sweat saying he could not do so when thousands of other people braved the much hotter sun to listen to him.  And during a previous VVIP dinner, Menk also refused to take people’s praises of him insisting that it is only Allah who is deserving of praise.

Quoting from Suratil Adh-Dhariyat (51:56), which states ‘I did not create jinn and mankind except to worship me’, Menk said

“I have observed, that every speaker who has talked here has been praising me. But I want to tell you that as much as I am appreciated, but to raise a man to a level of infallibility is a crime. I am a man, I have flaws, I make mistakes, I have weaknesses, I become angry and find a way of overcoming my problems but I am human,” he said.

Respect of other people’s faith did not miss out during his summons.

He said: “Just as I have the right to believe in what I am convinced by, I need to make sure that I afford to respect the right of others who believe in what they are convinced by. I am not here to convert anybody converting lies only in the hands of Allah,”

“You have to treat your friends the real way you want to be treated. My brothers and sisters in Islam if you realize what will happen to you when you die, you automatically become a good practicing Muslim,” he noted.

He preached that he moves across the world to preach the gospel of peace so that those who want to preach negativity are proven to be wrong in their link to Islam or any other religion.

Ugandans listen to Mufti Menk at Namboole

Ugandans listen to Mufti Menk at Namboole

“A true believer does not practice murder. If you were also just given life by Allah who are you to take someone’s life that Allah gave him or her?” Allah tells us in Surah Maidah Quran 5:32 Allah tells us that killing one human being is equivalent to killing the whole of humanity while saving one human being is like saving the whole of humanity” How can the same book which preaches against killing one soul then preach murder!

Menk explained that unless there is peace in the nation no proper development can take place.

However, gaps among the Muslim community in Uganda were also visible during his inspirational sermons while in Uganda.

His visit came at a time when the Muslim Ummah in Uganda is split between those that believe in the Kibuli faction, those that stayed with the Old-Kampala faction and those that profess independence.

This explains why one would not be surprised to see Supreme Mufti and officials from Kibuli missing on each and every function that was organized by the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council during his four days stay in the country.

In his preaching, Menk called upon leaders to have self respect and in addition to also respect those they lead and learn to resolve matters amicably without fighting one another

“Indeed we men and women of God disagree with hate. Our religion is all about peace, goodness and submission to the Almighty, we are all brothers and sisters we should respect each other.” he concluded.






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