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Korea gov’t supports Taekwondo system improvement in Uganda


Korea gov’t supports Taekwondo system improvement in Uganda

Korean Taekwondo experts attended the workshop with Uganda Police Force Taekwondo team members

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Uganda has stepped up efforts to improve and professionalize Taekwondo in Uganda.

This happens at a time the sport is gaining greater popularity in the country as witnessed by the rising number of teams, fans and passion witnessed in recent competitions.

In order to further improve the martial arts sport in the country, the Embassy this week organized a workshop for Taekwondo leaders in Uganda to bring them up to speed with latest developments in Taekwondo training methods as well as introduce a criteria for belt promotion to improve the quality of the game in Uganda.

The workshop took place at Care Skilling Center Africa in Kisugu, Kampala, and brought together more than 60 Taekwondo coaches from across Uganda as well as officials from the National Council of Sports (NCS) and the Uganda Olympic Committee (UOC).

Mr. Seunghee YI, the 2nd secretary at the Embassy of Korea observed that Taekwondo in Uganda has rapidly expanded, but that it needs to move with international standards for individual Ugandans as well as the country to be able to achieve international recognition.

Mr. Yi echoed the concern of one of Korea’s imminent Taekwondo trainers Master Kim who is currently training the the Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) team about the lack of a clear system on promotion from one level to a higher level and an insufficient database on Taekwondo judges and their certification.

On the other hand, the Embassy of Korea is holding this year’s Ambassador’s cup Taekwondo Competition and KPOP Festival to promote the first ever Korea-Africa Summit scheduled to take place in the cities of Ilsan and Seoul between June 4 and 5, 2024

Uganda’s Vice President Jessica Alupo is set to lead a large delegation to participate in the historic summit.



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