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Police should shut down lodges if people who go to them cannot be left to rest peacefully


Police should shut down lodges if people who go to them cannot be left to rest peacefully

Police raid

Police raid in Kampala

After witnessing Police mishandling people they found in a lodge, includes Guesthouses, Inns, and Motels. It looks like police is no respecter of these places.

I have time and again realized that whenever Police is pursuing prostitutes, they end up roundng up a lodge, arresting every person that they set their eyes on. When they are looking for thieves, it’s is the same story. They don’t spare anyone. They take everyone as a suspect. With these incidences, I have been made to believe that lodges are places for thieves and prostitutes. Why else would Police be arresting everyone they meet in the lodge?

I have always thought of as a place one can go to when they are in need of a place to sleep  during traveling. A place one can go to have a quick rest or a place a couple can go to when they need to escape from the chaos at home.

I am not against the police doing their job, but I believe they should put in a little finesse when they are executing their tasks of arresting idlers. They should know that a lodge is a public place that can host many people of different walks of life but not only idlers. When you go around arresting and embarrassing everybody you meet in a lodge it is infringing on their privacy.

But if these places are licensed, legal and pay taxes, then I believe police has no right whatsoever to invade them without any warrant to search or arrest specific persons.

I would bed that if government feels these are places that are made for only thieves and prostitutes then they should shut them down. Otherwise, it’s very embarrassing to be arrested along with your wife when the police has mistaken her for a prostitute; to be woken up from sleep and arrested for theft. Very embarrassing!





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