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“NWSC unbearable pit”


“NWSC unbearable pit”

A pit that was dug more that three month ago by National Water

A pit that was dug more that three month ago by National Water

Once you branch off Entebbe highway to Namasuba – Kikajjo road what you set your eyes on will surprise you, > It’s neither an amusement park nor a fish kiosk but a huge disorganized pit which was dug by the National Water and Sewage Corporation in the middle of the road.

It is more than five month ago since this pit was dug by the National water, I understand it was to accomplish one of their water projects in the area. Unfortunately, from that moment nothing has been done to cover the pit which tables high risks of accidents and traffic jam since the road can only pass one-way cars yet it is meant to be a two-way road.

The pit has caused more harm than good to the people who use this route most especially when it rains, transportation is delayed, people are always late to their work places.

“There have been several minor accidents happening here and unless national water is waiting for a fatal one to happen I am sure they  will soon get it, this pit is in the middle of the road which I believe is very dangerous” said Joseph Kato, a taxi driver.

This blame shouldn’t be put on  government but NWSC which is fully responsible for its incompetence. As a company, this is not the first unfinished business it has ever ignored for a while.

Sometime back there was a similar hole on Kisenyi Kafumbe road and it was only rectified after  a long out cry from the area residents .

“The pit has affected us in many  ways, we are always caught up in unnecessary jams since this pit  is in the middle of our road, only one car can pass at a time.” Says Ibrahim Kaweesi, a resident of Kikajjo. “National water should help us, we already have a dusty road and now a pit in it we cannot bear having two problems at the same time.” Ibrahim Kaweesi added.

Now the questions arise who is responsible for such kind of unfinished works in NWSC? Is it the improper coordination or poor supervision in the company?




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