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Why does Airtel rip me off?


Why does Airtel rip me off?

Is Airtel ripping me off

Is Airtel ripping me off

I have noticed that whenever I try to withdraw money from my Bank Account at Pride Micro Finance using my Airtel line, I always end up using a lot more money than should be the case.

Airtel is supposed to charge Shs 200 per transaction. But the challenge is that in the course of carrying out the transactions, the process crushes along the way and you have to repeat it all over again.

Sadly, you are charged for each of the crashed transactions. In the end you pay the Shs 200 transaction fees for a number of times before one transaction is completed. It has happened to me on several occasions.

The reason we get to use such networks is to avoid inconveniences and to make our lives a lot easier, at a cheaper option. Airtel should ensure that at its stipulated Shs 200, I complete my transaction.

For example, from where I work I use Shs 500 to get to the bank, but most times when I do a transaction on Airtel money I do it like five times or more, which depletes my account of say Shs 1200.

Why charge someone for an unsuccessful transaction when it’s your network that has crushed?






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