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Traffic officers should save us from mobile phone drivers


Traffic officers should save us from mobile phone drivers

Most accidents world wide are caused by people talking on mobile phones while driving

Most accidents that happen are caused by people talking on mobile phones while driving

Have you noticed that three in every ten vehicles you pass, there is a driver driving while on phone. This is noticeable especially during traffic jam. I don’t know why traffic officers do not apprehend such drivers because for sure this may be one of the causes of careless accidents.

Do you remember the accident that happened on Dastur street near Radio One. Yes, a credit Manager at Tropical Bank .

Well, that was one of the accidents I could say happened because according  to eye witnesses, the female driver was driving while on her phone. So, when  thugs tried to grab her phone she got shocked and knocked Batte who was on the sidewalk.

Just recently, while I was on my way home, I almost witnessed a young man suffer an accident all in the name of a smart phone. This guy was riding a bicycle on a road side. We don’t know where this over speeding truck came from but the way it was horning for space, it was clear that it wanted its way paved.

Every taxi rushed to move aside but what shocked us was this young man who continued on his way oblivious to what was going on.

We all tried to shout at him, warn him of the danger that was right behind him, but he didn’t budge. It was as if he was in another world. Luckily, the truck we expected to knock him down dodged his bike and continued on its way.

When our taxi passed via him, we noticed that this guy was wearing earphones in his ears and nodding to whatever he was listening to. He even never got to notice that he had almost suffered an accident. So, imagine if the truck driver had lost control? What do think could have happened to this young man?

This is how neglectful road users are becoming. Yes, I know smart phones are one of the best entertainment gadgets we have to carry around but do we have to risk our lives because of them?

I believe it’s high time the traffic police tackled this issue of drivers who drive while on their smart phones otherwise they may start being the leading cause of accidents.




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