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Someone should put a stop on night prayers


Someone should put a stop on night prayers

Prayers at Bukalango

Prayers at Bukalango

I was reading an article in the Newspaper where a student was robbed by bodaboda cyclists late at night. This poor thing was ambushed by another bodaboda cyclist who was in collaboration with the one who was giving him a ride.  They took everything he had to the last piece of cloth he was wearing.

And can you guess where this young man was coming from? I know many are thinking of a night club but this young man was coming from attending late night prayers at Watoto Central Church in Kampala.

Historically, night prayers were initiated by Pentecostal churches. This is one attribute that gained them a lot of popularity due to the freedom it gave to their believers to loiteer around at night.

While it fascinated many believers increasing their dedication to God, it also attracted other people who disguised themselves as believers just to get a chance to do mischief. Despite the fact that the issue of mischief was curbed in churches, night prayers still remain a dangerous affair to believers.

When you check on gang rape cases, records indicate that many of the victims were attacked while coming from night prayers. However, with such cases, it’s surprising that the authorities have showed no interest in night prayers as the primary cause that stirs up crime. Otherwise, where else would these people fall victims to gang rape and robberies if they weren’t moving late at night.

I know it’s good to praise and worship God but why take it to the time that would place worshippers’ lives in danger. Now imagine the peril the young man who was robbed passed through.

What if he had lost his life? Pastors in Pentecostal churches should start to muse over this issue and decide what’s best for their flock. Its either they put a stop to night prayers or create lodgings for their believers to provide safety to their belongings and lives.








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