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Castration will end child marriages


Castration will end child marriages

Black Jesus who was castrated by mob

Black Jesus who was castrated by mob

I don’t understand why the government is continuing its lenient stand when it comes to child marriages. Is it not aware that the future of our girl child is being destroyed by those marriages? Not only do they miss out on their right to education but they are forced to carry a heavy burden of starting a family when they themselves are still children who need parental love.

When a man marries a child, as by law, he commits defilement given that the girl he has married is considered a minor. And since these girls are forced into these marriages by their parents, it’s mostly likely that these poor souls are raped especially the first night of their marriage bed. Lastly, when they get pregnant, they become victims of fistula.

With the above, how can we continue to look on while these girls are forced to suffer? I know the government has been sensitizing the girls in schools about their rights and threatening to arrest parents who dare sell their children but what has that achieved? We continue to see cases of child marriages everyday.

I believe it’s high time the government woke up and stopped looking in the wrong direction. Threatening parents and sensitizing young girls is not enough to eradicate this problem. When one looks closely, you come to realize that parents and children are not the cause to these child marriages but the victims.

A poor parent will always think that selling off his young daughter to a rich man means looking out for her so that she has a bright future. And as for the girl child, they have always been taught by both Religion and culture to always listen to their parents. Failure to do that is considered disrespect.

So, how can you solve a problem by focusing on people with such a mentality? I believe the best thing to do is to focus on the one person the government has ignored all this time. This is the man who takes the bride. He is the real culprit to this sordid story.

First of all, he is the one who approach the parents enticing them with his riches. Secondly, a man who prefers to have sex with a child and not a full woman means he is a pedophile, a worst case scenario of a sex pervert.  With such a personality disorder, this means that this person is sex offender who won’t stop at abusing one girl.

If threatening to arrest parents has failed to stop child marriages then I believe the best thing to do is to initiate an extreme measure which entails Castrating a man who engages in child marriages. The government should enact a law that provides that a man who is caught marrying a young girl or who is found in marriage with a young girl should be castrated.

With such a law in place, this will put a stop to child marriages and surely control sex offenders’ irresistible urges to molest young girls again.





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