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Its Time to Listen and to Advise Respectfully


Its Time to Listen and to Advise Respectfully

Hussein Kyanjo a political analyst

Dear brothers and sisters, I greet you in the name of the Almighty.
Am happy and sad; happy because my current health is fairly good, sad because the world is experiencing the deadly corona virus.
As you all know we have been locked in political battles for long and this is not likely to end tomorro.
My appeal is that at the moment, no one is sure owhen and how the crisis of coronavirus is likely to end. It is therefore important to take a common front to fight it, and the best way is to trust, at least for now the gov’t. and most specifically the President .
We must listen diligently to the guidelines by health and economic experts as well as directives by the President. This is not the time to settle political scores and I hope no political group will claim victory in case we all win.

Each of us who claims a given following, be it a family unit must call on it to rally behind the President and am saying this because I think there are few moments where the President has ever acted with utmost honesty like now.
Obviously there are a number of areas where gov’t and the President can act in strategic or tactical error during the fight and therefore call for wise counsel. Let it be done politely and genuinely. On the other hand, let the President and his professional teams avoid over emphasis of NRM/NRA as some of us also restrain ourselves from turning this war into an opposition business.
We have all heard the sad story of Italy and Spain where registered deaths are becoming astronomical. There could have been errors by the gov’t over there but right now no body is blaming the othe. They are mutually advising each other.
The president and indeed some of us who have been visiting hospitals abroad are finally here for treatment and that’s why I said all of us must be acting with honesty and good faith.

Lastly let me emphasize that the President is currently the driver of our van and disrupting his attention can cause a fetal accident.

For the first time in centuries the Kaaba at Makka and the grand mosque of the prophet in Madina are closed to crowds while St. Peters in Rome is empty. We have no superior theological arguments to advance for a local mosque and church being closed.
In God we All trust
By Hussein Kyanjo a political analyst



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