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Mr. President, I didn’t make an application to become a Muganda

Guest Writer

Mr. President, I didn’t make an application to become a Muganda

Dr. Ashiraf Ssimwogerere

Asalaam alaikum warahmatulahi wabarakaatuh.

Dear Mr President,

I hope, this letter finds you in good moods. Congs for going through unopposed as flag bearer for NRM.

Mr President, some days ago you came out angry and warned Baganda who proudly talk of themselves that “TULI BAGANDA”, to stop it. You even threaten to crush them. Since you requested for a constructive engagement, I’m happy to respond in this letter.

In 1992 at Singo military training school, I was one of your students in cader-19 class. During one of the lectures you emphasised the importance of tribal groupings as the primary units of a state.

You blamed Dr Obote and his UPC government of abolishing kingdoms when the people still loved their kings. You continued to lecture that, what Dr Obote did was like hitting a row mango down to keep for quick ripening. You explained that the row mango will not get ripe but rot instead. The action of abolishing kingdoms rot in Dr Obote’s hands to face rebellions later. Concluding that kingdoms needed to be restored to create harmony.

Mr President you kept your word when NRM government restored kingdoms. Buganda was one of the regions that regained its kingdom.

This kingdom never regained its economic and political status as before, but mostly the social systems. In the social systems of the Baganda we have “ENNONO” (the unwritten constitution of Buganda).

When a Muganda does something contrary to the “Nnono”, we condemn him/her that “OMUGANDA TAKOLA ATYO”. Baganda are proud to be Baganda because they believe in themselves and their beautiful behaviours. Pausing to be Baganda is part of their/our “NNONO”.

Introducing myself as a muganda (OKULANYA), demands that I talk about my lineage. Mentioning my father and as many grandparents as I can remember. I usually conclude by, proudly shouting out that “NDI MUSAJJA MUGANDA”.

Stopping a muganda from shouting out his/her tribe (Okulanya);

1). Is like refusing a Munyankole to cry out their “EKYEVUGO”, or dancing ekitagururo to demostrate the movement of their cows.

2). Is like denying, a Munyarwanda, an Indian, or an Israelite to speak their mother tongues. Indians, Israelite, and Rwandans children will play in mother languages regardless of which country they are staying. They don’t pause with foreign languages.

3). Its like abolishing Embalu for Bagishu.
So Mr President, when the Baganda proudly pronounce that “Tuli Baganda”, don’t get offended just take heart, because its part of their “Nnono”. They are expressing their love for the tribe. Don’t crush them.

Take this Mr President. Naturally the Baganda are very proud of two things. Thats is their nation (BUGANDA) and land (ETTAKA). That is why Ssabasajja Kabaka is referred to as “Ssabattaka” (the land loard) and the heads of the Baganda clans as ABATTAKA.

Its the reason why we introduce ourselves emphasising our land and tribe. Like me, I will introduce myself as “SIMWOGERERE ASHRAF, NDIMUSAJJA MUGANDA EYEDIRA OLUGAVE ERA OBUTAKA BWANGE BULI KATENDE”.

Today most of the land (obuttaka) for Baganda is no more. We’ve remained to lament about it in “Kulanya”. When you stop us from shouting our tribe, its like wiping us off the map. Our colonial masters have kept their kingdom intact for centuries. Why not ours in Africa?.

Well as you said that whoever shouts that “TULI BAGANDA” is an enemy of Uganda and Africa at large, for I look at it otherwise.

Mr. President its good you said that we have a constructive engagement about this issue. Lets engage and have an everlasting solution otherwise I beg, don’t hit a row mango it may rot in your hands.

Omugave Hajj Simwogerere Ashraf Mayanja muzukulu wa Ndugwa.



Dr. Ashraf Simwogerere, is an acclaimed playwright, film producer, performing artist and professional dentist. In 2016 he was recognized as one of Uganda's National Heroes. Dr. Semwogerere is one of the most recognised faces of Uganda's Theatre having scripted and produced plays such as `Suubi` and `Mukajanga`.

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