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What happened to M7’s successor?


What happened to M7’s successor?

Just a few years ago, let him show us the true successor so we can start preparing them for the sit.

Rosyline Kitakule, NRM supporter, Kayabwe

Show us the male prostitutes too
Every time the Police make a swoop on prostitutes in Kampala I have realized that it is only women who are arrested. Sometimes the Police tell us that they arrested women who were making love on the streets but amazingly they never parade any man among the arrested.

For example, recently, as reported in one local daily, Katwe Police raided Dembe Guest House and Kibuye Inn in Kibuye and managed to arrest people suspected to be prostitutes. Some of the people arrested were men and I expected to see the pictures of the male prostitutes too – it is because of them that the prostitution market thrives – but this was not to be. All the pictures that were published were only showing women. In one of them you could see the structure of a big man in jean trousers but his face was not shown, the picture was cut from the neck.

Should we imagine that because most picture takers are male, they protect their fellow men? It is an injustice for the Police and the media to only show women and leave out the men who are the buyers and creators of the market for such wares?
Atim Mercy, Makindye Kampala

Banks should stop asking us for referees
I recently went to several commercial banks but failed to open up an account because I had no one to be my referee.

I find this system of asking for a referee very outdated and it smirks of  some kind of a colonial mentality.

If I may ask; who was the referee for the first customer of these banks?

Do not remind me of the time when Metro supermarket which is long defunct used to ask her custoers to become members first. It quickly closed its doors when other serious business supermarkets  came on the scene and it has never been heard of again.

Sincerely in this age and era do I still need a referee to open up an account? And if I had one would the bank hold him responsible for my misdeeds? Get real guys.
Mariam Lule, Najanankumbi Kampala



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