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Education Ministry should do something


Education Ministry should do something

I have time and again met children as young as three years going to school very early in the morning.

My neighbor in Gayaza wakes up her 3-year old Samantha at 4.00am so that she can make it to school as early as 7:00am because at her school, why should they move as far as 10 miles away from home, every day, for education?

There are schools in their localities but what is the reason that these parents have to leave those schools behind?

I believe and I am convinced that many officers from the Ministry of Education and Sports have seen this but I don’t know why nothing has been done. I think the ministry should conduct an investigation into this issue: Is it the parents that are unnecessarily moving their children when the schools near them are good, or is it the poor standards of nearby schools that these parents have to take their children to far away schools.

Just like in Britain where children study from their localities, children who are not in boarding schools must not be sent to far away schools.

It does not make sense to carry children from for example Mukono to Kampala when parents from Kampala re taking their children to Mukono. Something must be done!

Mariam  Namuwenge, Gayaza

Murderers in our midst
In just a period of one month, two girls have been kidnapped and grisly murdered by assailants who have not yet been identified. Joan Namazzi and Emily Akire were both young girls in their prime. That those thugs continue to threaten the bereaved families is indeed scaring and shows that this is a gang that has come to torment innocent people in this country.

This kind of crime seems to be sophisticated, like what we see in American movies. I hope and pray that the Police gets the culprits and they also made to get what they deserve.

Ibrahim Ssekasi, Kampala

Can love for ones country be forced?
That government is trying to put in place a law to force citizens to love their country is one of the most absurd and laughable things I have heard in recent years.

If I may ask, how are they going to do this? Are they going to check out our hearts, If for example I do not love this country how will they know? And why don’t they ask themselves first why someone may hate their own country. Isn’t that the logical thing to do first?

Barbra Lule, Mutungo

Do Ugandans have to pay for Queen Florence?

I have heard it, albeit in rumors that the relatives of one Queen Florence who I hear travelled to Malaysia to peddle her god-given wares are asking  musicians to contribute three millions to buy her a ticket to come back.

Where as this would be a noble gesture for a person who is sick, for example,  I don’t think its right for people to contribute to someone who has been caught in criminal activities. Such moneys would be better if its given to the needy than to someone who has done those unmentionables in the name of making money.

Mulima Godfrey, Nansana Kampala



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