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Can’t Ramathan be extended to four months?


Can’t Ramathan be extended to four months?

I would like to congratulate the Muslim community upon the fasting in this Holy month of Ramathan. One thing that I have realized about Muslims during this month is that they are very peaceful.

There is a Muslim neighbor I had never seen during day. I would hear him knock his house’s door beyond midnight, every single night. But since Ramathan started he has been returning home by 7:00pm. He also used to be tough on his children but these days I hear them laugh all the time. I think his wife and children are enjoying this.

I have also heard people say that these days, the meat one buys seems to be heavier than it was before. This means the butcher is now applying the correct measurements. Everywhere I go and meet Muslims I see that they have changed. Even the boda boda rider who is always hissing at me no longer does that.

Now my humble request to Muslim leaders is to sit all the muftis of the world to agree to extend this period of Ramathan to three or four months. This will help us enjoy the spirit of peace and tranquility for longer. If the Vatican can sit and issue new rules, I think even the Muslims can do change things.

Happy fasting to all Muslims



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