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Uganda should declare June as tourism month


Uganda should declare June as tourism month

Pilgrimage is a two way traffic; one can describe it as a journey of faith or one for tourism. Every 3rd of June, make this site a starting point for other tourism destinations. However, after 3rd June, all people are encouraged to just go home instead of using such an opportunity to divert them to other tourism sites.

I think our government should emulate some countries such as Saudi Arabia and Rome.  The way they organize their annual pilgrims that is in Mecca and Saint Basilica in Vatican, they make sure that the country benefits two ways that is on the pilgrim part and also that of tourism.

So, if Uganda is trying to boost our tourism sector, it should start with Namugongo martyrs shrine and make June a tourism month. Given the fact that it attracts millions of people, it should be made a tourism center point that points to other tourist sites.



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