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BOU, is the Ushs 5O/= coin still legal tender?


BOU, is the Ushs 5O/= coin still legal tender?

I kindly request the Governor, while in a taxi, a fight ensued between a conductor and as a result of the passenger paying his fare in the Ushs 50/= coins.

The fight broke out because the conductor thought the passenger was trying to demean him by giving him money which he considered not to be legal tender any more, but the passenger remained adamant insisting that the money was legal tender. Since there wasn’t a single passenger willing to accept the coins as balance every body in the taxi decided to side with the conductor.

Mr. Mutebire, this is the kind of dilemma we are facing now days. BOU is distributing Ushs 50/= coins in the public and yet they are being rejected by the masses. The only places where you can use these coins without receiving scorn are the big supermarkets in Kampala.

However, when you take them to other businesses especially retail shops, taxis, Petro stations, these coins are rejected.

If BOU cannot find a solution I suggest they withdraw this denomination from circulation.



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