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Jennifer Musisi, is this just a fantasy


Jennifer Musisi, is this just a fantasy

KCCA boss Jennifer Musisi

KCCA boss Jennifer Musisi

I read recently that Jennifer Musisi’s Kampala city residents are going to start using bicycles to access the city center. That this new invention will be starting with Namirembe road as a pilot project.

Whereas I totally agree with Jennifer to modernise the city, especially when it comes to women.
Being a Muganda, I believe Jennifer should know that the city is located in Buganda region, where its taboo for girls, let alone women, to ride bicycles. Is Jennifer expecting 90% of Baganda women to change overnight and start riding bicycles? I highly doubt.

Further more, what is Jennifer going to do about the thieves? What safeguards has she put in place to control thefts? I can assure Jennifer that within three weeks of the beginning of this pilot project, those bicycles will be as far away as Bugonzi in Masaka where I come from, where Jennifer will never be able to locate them.

What about the weather; this sweltering heat? How can a man in a suit ride in this heat? Jennifer should be mindful to the fact that sweat smells and most of our offices here in Kampala do not have bathrooms. How far will people tolerate the stinkers?

And finally, where are the lanes for the Bicycles? Has Jennifer prepared space where all those Ugandans who will die as a result of riding bicycles will be buried? Because I am very certain that many Ugandans will die due to the carelessness of Uganda’s drivers.

May be I am a pessimist, but I do not see Jennifer’s plans working this time round.



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