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I welcome Speaker Kadaga to the life of a celebrity


I welcome Speaker Kadaga to the life of a celebrity

As Speaker of Parliament, Kadaga is a Celebrity

There are things that we ought to ignore in order to survive; otherwise if we keep an attentive ear, we       may either go mad, show our weaknesses or make fools of ourselves.

This is exactly what Rebecca Kadaga, speaker of parliament was forced to do when she gave an earful to those who had been giving false reports on her health and I believe whoever wanted to antagonize her is chuckling out there like a wicked witch.

Meeting journalists at parliament this week, Kadaga couldn’t resist blasting what she called irresponsible journalists for writing false reports that informed the public that she was on the verge of death. While I commend her for putting on a fight against her antagonizors but I think this was a wrong move on her part.

I would like to inform Kadaga that as the speaker of Parliament, she is a celebrity. This means having a life viewed as a public scene with no privacy and vultures (paparazzi) trying to peck at you from every corner.

Therefore, if people start speaking ill or false things about you, the best thing you can to do is to keep quiet and ignore everything. If you are the kind type, you can even go ahead and offer your thanks for their efforts at trying to destroy your life.

Because even if you shout your head off and bring out the real facts of your life, as a celebrity, people will always be interested in the life you lead. If it is not interesting, they will always try to spice it up with a few lies and falsehoods.

Therefore Kadaga, it is always better to keep your calm whenever such reports are released so that the next time you come out in public, you are this cheerful person full of vigor, determination and confidence but not a frail speaker with a sharp tongue.





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