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Ministry of health

Provide ambulances at every regional level


Provide ambulances at every regional level

on my way to work when I saw a young man who had suffered a hit and run accident.

He lay close to the roadside bleeding copiously from the mouth while eye witnesses helplessly looked on.

The way this young man was bleeding, wouldn’t it have increased his chances of survival.

Many times, instead of comfort it offers a lot of distress that adds trauma to the victim.

First of all, when a person suffers from a hit and run accident, since no one is ready to help them due to fear of arrest by the police, they are forced to endure a lot of pain while a nearby police patrol comes to pick them up.

When the police arrive, the unfortunate fact is that these accident victims are placed on a dirty patrol car whose environment is sure enough to create infections to their injures and then they are driven around like crazy on these Ugandan roads full of humps to the nearest hospital.

Why then won’t these victims die after all the trauma and discomfort they are forced to pass through.

However, we can avoid all these unpleasant occurrences if only the government can place an ambulance at very regional level.

Not only does an ambulance provide comfort for the accident victim but it also offers first aid and medication that could prolong the victim’s life until he/she is taken to a hospital.

But because of their absence, the accident victims are forced to suffer trauma by the hands of the police which quickens their death and yet there would have been a chance of survival.



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