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Distribute National IDs at sub county Headquarters


Distribute National IDs at sub county Headquarters

State minister for Internal Affairs James Baba

State minister for Internal Affairs James Baba

My son was in Lukalu senior secondary school in Mpigi District back in 2014 at the time registration for National IDs was taking place. Naturally, he went and registered in Mpigi district since it was more convenient. But he has since left Mpigi to a far away land in Mbale doing his post A ‘level education to be exact.

Somewhere at the beginning of this year, I received a call from a relative in Mpigi, telling me that, the IDs were beeing distributed in Mpigi, making it urgent for my son to go and pick his.

I immediately borrowed money from a friend because I was broke then, to send for my son from Mbale to pick his card from Mpigi with haste.

Unfortunately by the time he got to Mpigi, the ID crew had left the location and had moved elsewhere and as such, my son left Mpigi without an Identity card and went back to Mbale frustrated.

Again in the middle of this year, my son was alerted by his sister who is in Mpigi urging   him to go to Gombe, some distance from Mpigi, that, it was where the cards were being distributed this time round.

Taking no chances, I called him again asking him to travel immediately to Gombe for the elusive card. But Mbale being a distant place, he was unable to make it to the new location on time and by the time he got there, the ID crew had again moved to another location.

Worse still they did not leave information for those who did not get their IDs when and where they will come around again.

By another whack of chance, I was called this week by a friend who lives in Mpigi telling me that the ID people were around, and that they were going to distribute those (IDs) out on Wednesday 28th October and I was also informed that this is the last time they (IDs) are   being given out until April 2016 after the elections.

To my disappointment, the time was too short to allow my son to travel to Mpigi again forcing   him to miss out the third time in a row.

I   therefore kindly request those in charge of the National ID project to consider leaving the IDs at Sub county     head quarters (Gombolola) for Ugandans to pick them at a time they find convenient.

Better still these IDs especially for students can be left with the head teachers so that former students can sign for them instead of keeping on shifting like shadows from place to place.

For God and my country.




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