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Anger will not solve anything


Anger will not solve anything

Angry supporters engage Police

Angry supporters engage Police

I am writing to express my concern about my findings from the on-going campaigns.

I have noted with great concern that the majority of our people on campaign trails are ridiculously angry and violent, both verbally and physically.

Many are always seeking for an argument, a way to pour out their anger and a way to pull voters to their side by almost grabbing their collars.

Why is this so? Is it your patrons sending these angry messages? Are you trying to pull votes by exhibiting rage? What exactly is your source of anger? In history, anger has never led to anything constructive but rather destructive consequences.

All blood-sheds begins with anger. Events such as genocides are all a result of anger. The Rwandans, Cambodians and Vietnamese were almost destroyed by anger.   Terrorists involve into self-destructive acts after accumulating the right dosage of anger.

Why can’t we have a calm sea? Why for once, can’t supporters of various candidates be calm? Why for once can’t a Facebook post be argued against with intellectual submissions instead of showcasing an irrelevant display of verbal violence and attack people’s personalities? It was really heart-breaking reading many harsh comments about Juliana’s deceased son. It was inhuman. Where is the love?

We need to understand that while most of us may need change like you do, we know it is our votes that will win this, not words and insults to people supporting the rival party. You have insulted Juliana, Bebe Cool and many other artistes for making personal decisions about who they want to vote.

You have made everyone think that it is either a voter chooses you or they are stupid. Every race has a winner and a loser and the difference between a real man and a loser is that a real man is never a bad loser. We are all in this to win and if we lose, some of us shall move on.

We won’t go wage a war. That is the spirit of humanity. The spirit of togetherness. Because at the end of the day, the brother you almost killed or insulted will be the one to give you a lift on a rainy day or offer you a job.

Make peace with your hearts. Let’s strive for a peaceful transition. If it fails, well, there is always a next time, because nothing lasts forever. Your only weapon now is the vote not verbal artillery.




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