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Besigye, Keep the west out of our politics please


Besigye, Keep the west out of our politics please

Presidential candidate Dr Kiiza Besigye

Presidential candidate Dr Kiiza Besigye

I am one of Dr. Besigye’s supporters based on his passion to solve Uganda’s myriad problems including poverty and unemployment among others.

But I was recently shocked when I heard his comments about the involvement of whites in Uganda’s politics.

He triumphantly told crowds at one of his campaign rallies during the festive seasons ‘Bazungu” whom he said have now fallen out with president Museveni have now jumped ship and joined hands with him (Besigye) to remove Museveni from power.

While he did not indicate the type of whites he was talking about, I was all the same taken aback at the fact that he’s equally interested in their support in his sole effort to remove Museveni from power and thereafter render support in developing Uganda.

Like many Ugandans, my reservation springs from the fact that these human beings especially Americans who regard themselves as international policemen are responsible for the disruption of peace and order in many countries especially the Middle East countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Libya among others under the guise of promoting democracy.

Besigye and his advisory don’t need to be deceived; Americans and Europeans have always gone with ulterior motives in those countries though they have always purported to offer economic and military assistance.

I have also noted with concern that most of those countries where they have intervened have instead degenerated into war zones while others have over time become bedrocks for terrorist groups such as the ISIS.

My humble plea to Besigye therefore is: In case he wins the presidential elections, let him leave out white people; Americans, Europeans and all in our politics solely because nothing good has ever come out from other countries that have hosted and collaborated with them. Uganda will not remain an Island.





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