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Bwanika, I am truly disappointed with you


Bwanika, I am truly disappointed with you

Presidential aspirant Abed Bwanika

Presidential aspirant Abed Bwanika

I have always listened to Dr. Abed Bwanika on radio and I came to a conclusion that this is one man if given a chance to lead our country would take us to great heights of development. But when I read in one local daily in an article that revealed Bwanika’s campaign promises, my heart was shattered.

The People’s Development Party’s President promised a lot of things when at Rwenzori Square in Kasese town during a rally but what captured my attention was him promising to degazette part of Queen Elizabeth National Park and give the land to the people of Kasese.

He was quoted saying, “People have no land, while the Government is protecting the land for the park. That land should be degazetted and given to the people; that will be my first priority.”

The first thing that came to my mind was to wonder whether Bwanika was crazy. I know stiff competition can make even the strongest men desperate, but was this the best promise that he could come up with.

Because believe me that this is a lie and one I am not pleased with. Not only does it upset me but it totally changes my opinion of Bwanika as the best candidate to take our country to the next level.

By Bwanika promising to degazette part of Queen Elizabeth is a clear indication of how little his respect towards wildlife is.

But let me remind him especially if he is a true believer that before man was created, God first created all kinds of creatures and he placed them on both land and sea.

This means that these creatures were the first inhabitants on earth and because they were put under our authority that does not mean that we should disregard their existence.

What saddens me is that it was our destructive nature as humans that pushed away these animals to where they are now and someone with sense decided to gazette them there for the protection of their existence and now, you with your greed for power, you want to displace them and take them oba where?

If you truly desire to give the people of Kasese land, have you thought of the danger you will be placing them in just by settling them near the wildlife.

Don’t you have any idea of the destructive nature of these creatures once they feel that their lives are being threatened? Or you have little concern for people’s safety and that of their property that you would dare to place the two together.

Besides that have you forgotten the kind of value the wildlife is for our economy? You claim to be the person who will develop Uganda but what kind of development are you talking about if the tourism sector is not included in your plans.

Mr. Bwanika, I want you to know that Queen Elizabeth National Park is the home for these wildlife. To degazette the area not only will it make loses development wise for our economy but it will also be a sign of how you disregard the existence of wildlife. And yet I thought you knew better.

If the people of Kasese don’t have land, there is still land across the country where you can settle the people without displacing wildlife.




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