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Thumbs up for President Trump


Thumbs up for President Trump

President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump

I know many people have considered US elected President Donald Trump as something close to a nuisance given his uncensored words, ridiculous behavior and unrealistic ideas.

However, I must congratulate Trump for what I will call a brilliant idea. It was revealed recently that Trump and his administration have plans to cut foreign aid and try to spend that money to boost the US economy.

If Trump succeeds in cutting off foreign aid, I know the African countries that will be affected will include Uganda. Many of these countries have been receiving foreign aid on the pretext of making ends meet yet when the money arrives it ends up in some greedy leaders’ pockets.

Given that much of this foreign aid comes inform of loans and grants, a time comes and  the poor  citizens of the recipient countries are forced to pay money which never benefited them in the first place.

So, where are the  citizens of these poor countires exected to get money from except for these very leaders to extort tax from the poor to pay for these hefty loans where they benefited.

Since most of these funds never benefit the people its meant for I am sure it would be  better if it remains where it is sent from so that it can benefit people of those countries

It’s better we do without it, maybe then we shall learn to appreciate and use the little we have to benefit our economy and also get rid of corruption.




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