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Parents are simply spoiled


Parents are simply spoiled

Minister of Education Janet Museveni

Minister of Education Janet Museveni

In her campaign to improve UPE schools, Janet Museveni has called upon head masters and teachers to sensitize parents on the significance of providing their children with school food.

I am sure the first lady made this call after realizing that government cannot actually provide food for all the UPE schools. But I would like to remind the First Lady that it was the same government she serves, that has spoiled these parents so much so that they now want government to provide their girl children with sanitary pads.

I would like to inform the First Lady that human beings, especially here in Uganda are a strange specie who when they get used to something free, it turns into some kind of disease. Now that is who Ugandans have become, they are diseased and its very difficult to change their mindset now after getting them used to those free things

I remember a time when the same head teachers who are being asked to sensitize parents, tried to force parents to give food to their children but the president came out strongly and threatened them with imprisonment now these are the same people who have to sensitize parents is the First Lady aware that many of these parents will definitely refuse this?

If a parent can give her child a brick to go with to school to dupe teachers that its food when this child is getting free education doesn’t this spell it out clearly that these are parents who do not want to feed their children?

Unless the Minister comes out and visits school by school informing them of this new development I am sure parents will definitely ignore and defy these Head teacher’s directives.

Since its governemnt which force these parents to take their children to schools and threatens to arrest them in case they refused or denied their children the right to education, the least governemnt can  do is to take full responsibility and educate these children as well as feed them.  If that’s impossible, it’s better you give up the UPE program rather than educating hungry pupils.





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