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Senior officers deserve better protection


Senior officers deserve better protection

The late Andrew Felix Kaweesi

The late Andrew Felix Kaweesi

Whenever, I think of the way fallen AIGP, Andrew Felix Kaweesi (God bless his soul) was killed, I shudder and tears well up in my eyes. His assassination clearly shows how fruitless it is for one to fight against death when it comes knocking.

By the time Kaweesi was killed, he had his body guard with him but was he able to help him? The answer is no given that the body guard died along with him. This made me question the value of having a body guard. Is it really necessary for a person to have a bodyguard in this country?

I know and I have heard many people say that no one can escape death once it’s your time but did Kaweesi despite the fact that it was his time to die, deserve to be killed without even getting a chance to defend himself or his body guard to protect him? This could have been the hand of death but I squarely blame it on those who provide protection for all high profile people.

For a person of Kaweesi’s stature wouldn’t it have been better to die in action? How could there have been only one body guard. And how come this body guard (God bless his soul) was in the same car with Kaweesi which left both the protector and protected in a defenseless situation.

How can a body guard defend one when he sits in the same car with him? Its outrageous. Kaweesi needed an escort of at least another car with at least three body guards just in case they fell into an ambush. The extra guards would at least be in position to fight back at any assailants. Then we would say that Kaweesi’s time had indeed arrived if he had died in a cross fire.

So, I suggest government should shift from this laxity and give its senior officers the protection they deserve. These senior officers indeed deserve a protection unit composed of at least three bodyguards as escorts.






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