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Let’s not debate about legalizing abortion


Let’s not debate about legalizing abortion

Debate about legalizing abortion

Debate about legalizing abortion

The issue of legalizing abortion is really starting to get on my nerves. This is one issue we shouldn’t waste our energy on. Yes, I know we have lost so many young women to unsafe abortions but will legalizing it solve the problem. I don’t think so. I believe legalizing it will just escalate the situation.

By the way, why do we have to protect our young women if they decide to be stupid? I know I am being unkind when I say this, but isn’t it a waste of time to try and save a foolish person.

By the time a young woman goes for abortion, she is fully aware of the risk involved. She knows that while she tries to take out the life of a fetus, her life may as well be lost. But because she has this great need to get rid of a life she created, this need over powers her moral intellect. She would rather die than remain with the shame of carrying a baby in her womb.

So, what can we do for such a person? Why should we waste our time debating whether we should legalize an issue we all know is a crime? Because according to Uganda’s law, abortion is permitted only in a situation such as when the mother’s life is at risk or when the pregnancy was a result of rape.

I know by trying to legalize abortion we want to save our girl child who have lost their life meaningless. And because there are facilities and medication that can enable our girls to abort safely, we want to give them that chance.

However, what do you think will happen once we let that door open? For one, immorality will rise since there won’t be any need to fear pregnancy. Secondly, the number of abortion will increase given the legality. When you add these up, the rate of HIV and STDs would have escalated. Then what would have been the use to ask our young women to abstain in the fight against HIV/AIDS. What about all those campaigns against child marriages?

If we want to save our girls from unnecessary death, all we have to do is to sensitize them on the dangers of abortion and the misery that can result from early and unwanted pregnancy.  This should start with parents and then taken up in schools. If out of 100, ten girls will not listen, the ninety will. Otherwise, legalizing abortion will just fuel immorality.



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