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Add anger management on school syllabus


Add anger management on school syllabus

Anger needs to be controlled

Anger needs to be controlled

I don’t know if I am mistaken but presently, it seems like people are finding it difficult to control their anger. This has been visible in the rampant mob justice, corporal punishments, the failed marriages/relationships, out of the blue suicides and gunmen shoot out.

Recently on news, a woman burnt down her husband’s house simply because he left her only Ugshs 7000 for home use. Her out of control anger made her destroy property worth millions over 7000/=. Not only that, how many children have we heard on the news who have committed suicide just because they were denied something; the parents who beat their children to death over trivial issues; the UPDF men who have shot down innocent people simply because they were in the vicinity where they caught their wives cheating with other men. What of the men who decide to kill their children after their wives have left them, and all the acid incidences? These are some of the consequences of an out of control anger.

While anger is a normal emotion, it is the most destructive emotion that people experience in their lives and the hardest emotion to control. We all at one point get angry but one may discover that some people can handle their anger better than others.

Take an example of how some parents may react to a child who has stolen their money. One parent may simply just talk with the child and forbid him/her from stealing again, while another may decide to deny that child food or decide to beat him/her to death.

This is one event causing different reactions. How is it that one parent may decide to act calmly and the other foolishly? Well, this is an outcome of anger management.

Whereas it is natural for a person to feel, express, and release anger, it is should be of essence that one does so in an appropriate way, and this is what anger management is all about.

According to experts, the goal of anger management is not to eliminate anger completely because this is impossible given that it is a natural human emotion. The objective rather is to control and direct one’s anger so that it doesn’t control him/her, or damage an important relationship or situation.

They explain that one of the most effective approaches for managing anger is to identify the sources of the anger one may experience. Once he/she knows what makes them angry, they can develop strategies for dealing with it. They reveal that when a person is in the middle of a bad situation, it’s hard for them to think logically and rationally, so understanding what causes your anger can help you plan how to deal with it.

This is why I highly suggest the government to include anger management on the school syllabus. If a person learns to control their anger right from childhood, this can help us reduce on the hideous incidences that occur as a result of an out of control anger.





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