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Every person has a price


Every person has a price

Every person has a price

Every person has a price

It’s disappointing to learn that many of our local artists are still babies in pampers when it comes to managing their music careers.

This racket about KCCA being unfair to local artistes during the KCCA Carnival Charity concert simply because they paid a foreign artist, Diamond Platinumz a ridiculous sum of money far more than they received is way too childish.

In this world, every person has a price. It’s a matter of you knowing your worth and you are good to go. So, if you think KCCA paid you little money, why did you accept it in the first place? Why did you go ahead to perform at the concert if the payments were of no value?

The answer to that question is simple, it’s simply because that is your price. When KCCA approached you, it’s the price that you named or negotiated on and the same goes with Diamond Platinumz.

So, if Diamond named a bigger price than you guys named, that’s not his or KCCA’s problem. The fault is all yours. You underestimated your talent and don’t know your worth.

So, please grow up and stop complaining. The next time someone approaches you with a deal, try to think big and know your value.




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