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Shame! Shame on Uganda


Shame! Shame on Uganda

Shame! Shame on Uganda

Shame! Shame on Uganda

The reason why God destroyed Sodom, was because the city had become rotten. Right from the old to the young, there wasn’t any moral fibre to be found. All of them had been debased that there was no any other option but to destroy all the inhabitants of this forsaken land.

He is quoted telling Abraham that if he could get 50 or 45 or may be 30 to 10 righteous people, he would not destroy the city but unfortunately, there was none to be  found.

Well, it looks like Uganda is sliding down to these bad old days of Sodom. The homosexuals have become public that even some of our so called churches have accepted them. And just because infidelity and debauchery is the order of the day, the young have joined the old to enjoy the fun.

The poor souls who are innocent and ignorant, teenagers (15 and above), have been advised by our dear government to use contraceptive pills. In other words, government is pushing these toddlers to go right ahead and have sex as long as they don’t get pregnant.

And to hide our humiliation, guess what we propose to do to save these young fools. Instead of devising ways to stop their debauchery, as an alternative, we have decided to teach them how to steal without getting caught.

What a shame! Is this how our government has stooped so low?

So, what was all that noise about when you encouraged our children to abstain from sex as a preventive measure from HIV/AIDS and early pregnancy?

Is HIV no more or are pills now the new preventive measure for sexually transmitted infections.

What about the age consent for sex? Does it mean that it has also changed? Is it now okay for a grown up man to have sex with a teenage girl? Won’t he be arrested for defilement now that you have given teenagers a go ahead to use contraceptives? What about the child marriages? Why did you go to all that length to stop them and then encourage our children to have sex outside marriage?

Does any of this make any sense?

I know there is no hiding from the fact that our children are having sex. But just because they are doing it, it does not make it right. So, why are we encouraging them? Why are we breaking so many laws just to prevent our children from getting pregnant?

Does this mean that we have run out of options or is the world simply coming to an end?





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