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US Mission in Kampala, where’s the justice?


US Mission in Kampala, where’s the justice?

US Mission in Kampala, where's the justice?

US Mission in Kampala, where’s the justice?

Dear editor, allow me to express my loud voice to the American Embassy which seems to be deaf on the barbarous behavior of some of its citizens. It’s now widely known that when an African complains about the misbehavior of an American, the US Embassy turns blind and gives a deaf ear.

A one Lillian Kaitesi raised concern over the misconduct of her ex husband, Paul Mathias Roger who once abused her during her stay in the US forcing her to do despicable things which included carrying out abortions and eating his poop among other things.

After years of her escape from the estranged marriage and producing their child whom he wanted aborted at the time of her pregnancy, Mr. Paul has come to Uganda seeking custody of that same child.

What pains Lillian is that after all the abuse she went through, it looks like her ex-husband is going to succeed in stealing their child away from her. To the US mission, is this really fair?

On many occasions, we have heard diplomats from the US raise concern on human rights torture that has been executed by the Uganda government and Africa in general; Why are the same people always keen and singing human rights keeping quite about this barbaric  Paul Mathias Roger, Lillian’s husband? Why is the US Embassy silent like a grave in the churchyard.

I grew up believing that the US is a fountain of Human rights defenders, I wonder what happened to change that.

As Ugandans, we expect a condemning message from the US mission in Kampala if not for anything else but to atleat to hear a voice as a gesture disassociating America from  the misconduct of one of their citizens towards our Lillian.

Felix Kyeyune, Konge



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