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Rains bring more havoc to Mbale 


Rains bring more havoc to Mbale 

Rains bring more havoc to Mbale

Rains bring more havoc to Mbale

As the rains continue to wreak havoc all over Uganda, no place is more affected than the Bugisu sub-region. Now there is the threat of landslides especially in the Mountain Elgon region.

Previously, the Minister of State for Disaster Preparedness, Musa Ecweru, would come to the region and promise to resettle the people in other areas. Even though some people would refuse to move, quite a good number of people agreed to move to Kiryandongo, or some such areas.

People refuse to move from the Bugisu region because they say there is ample land in the plains attached to the Mt. Elgon range. All it needs is for the Government to buy land somewhere in places like Kolir, Magoro, or Sebei or by the slopes of Nakapiripirit, to re-settle the people without having to move them very far away from their ancestral spirit places.

In the recent rains, however, nobody from the Ministry of Disaster Preparedness has come to their plight. Now, more than ever, the threat of landslides is looming without anybody taking any concern about it, leaving the people in the Mt. Elgon area to face the suffering as if there is no Government in the country.

Please, Ecweru, or whoever, can you please come and assist us in our plight; and not only come later to look for votes to stay and eat in power.

Wambi Walekwa, Bulambuli




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