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Ugandan thieves more murderous than Kenyans


Ugandan thieves more murderous than Kenyans

Ugandan thieves more murderous than Kenyans

Ugandan thieves more murderous than Kenyans

As I was traveling in a taxi, I heard a conversation between two women about the recent murder of an accountant and the punishment his children were subjected to. These two women were Ugandan but appear to be located in Kenya because they were conversing in both Kishwahili and Luganda, fluently in both languages.

One was saying that, for them in Kenya, robbers do not kill their victims. They, the robbers, will demand money from their victim; and on getting it, will leave the fellow unharmed. But one of the women was saying that, this is not the case in Uganda. That here the robbers will kill the victim as well after taking whatever they have come for.

One of the women, was wondering why this is the case in Uganda, especially since it is merely a case of robbery. The other replied that it is probably that the thieves in Uganda have gotten used to killing people and getting away with it; that is why they kill and rob as well. Because the Police will never even get them for murder, let alone recover the property or money stolen.

The reason another one argued  is that because the regime has been in power for such a long time  the robbers and murders have now gotten used to their trade and know it very well that nothing could ever happen to them.

The two ladies then agreed that it was better to live in Kenya, where you can be robbed but without being killed, as the case is in Uganda.

Teriano Kingo, Kyambogo Kampala



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