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Rid the Police Force of criminals and politicians


Rid the Police Force of criminals and politicians

Rid the Police Force of criminals and politicians

Rid the Police Force of criminals and politicians

During a church service recently  in Nsambya, Assistant Inspector General of Police, Andrew Sorowen, was right to say that the reputation of the Police has been “dented”. But it has taken quite a while for a senior Policeman to recognize what some of us noticed more than ten years ago. And it took the dismissal of the king “bean weevil”, Kale Kayihura, no less.

Now that some senior Police officers have realized this, they should all clean up their act with one heart of determination. They should not leave it to the erstwhile IGP Okoth Ochola.

Some of them may already be resisting the changes that the IGP is bringing to clean up the Force. These should be identified and, either be dismissed, or sent to jail. Transferring them from one assignment to the next will not do the trick.

We are reminded of the late Assistant IGP Felix Kaweesa, may his soul rest in peace. At the time of his execution, he is said to have been involved in a heist of not less that seven billion shillings, the property of a Nigerian drug trafficker. There has been a long investigation dance around this murder, when let’s faces it, the perpetrators are assumed to be known. But because they are in the hierarchy of untouchables, there are all attempts to sweep the issue under the carpet.

Let the Police Force come clean. Do not be involved in criminality!

Emil Baikura, Kampala.



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