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Okoth Ochola repeats Police tear-gas order


Okoth Ochola repeats Police tear-gas order

Kidnapping goes to a new level

We thought that with the departure of Kale Kayihura there would be a new dispensation where there would be no use of tear gas for crowd control. How wrong we were! Or we are going to assume that once a policeman, always a policeman.

During the recent campaigns in Bugiri, the Police opened, not just teargas canisters at the public but real bullets. One person was killed as a result.

Ochola is a different kettle of fish from Kayihura, or so we are made to believe. Therefore he must find a better method of crowd control whereby the Police are able to restrain people who are demonstrating without causing fatalities. Otherwise we shall be forced to conclude that there is no difference from them; and that the actual orders for such killings are coming from elsewhere.

Johnston Nawendolo




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