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Does Kayihura want to commit suicide?


Does Kayihura want to commit suicide?

Does Kayihura want to commit suicide?

Does Kayihura want to commit suicide?

There have been news reports that the Ex- IGP, Kalekezi Kayihura is now cooking food for himself in his Makindye barracks imprisonment. The suspicion is that the food deliveries he gets from outside including from his own home by his own wife maybe tainted. This indicates that either, he may sponsor suicide from these deliveries, or somebody may murder him through it.

Now, if he cooks his own food, how will the authorities ensure that the raw food delivered is not infected like the Novichok poisoning in Britain? Then the utensils he is using and the water, who is to make sure about their cleanliness and free from poison?

In any case, it is easy for the man to die of any of these and ascribe it to suicide. Who will find out to the contrary? Or if he dies now that he is cooking his own food, will the Government take responsibility for either his suicide, or murder? Which is which?

Also, these people of his from Kisoro, who have now found that their man is a saint, where were they to cry for the people who were being murdered during Kayihura’s Police tenure?

Are they saying that we should rehabilitate Joseph Kony; and also take food to his relatives in consolation of his exile in wherever?

Bruhan Okello-wange




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