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Leaders need instruction in etiquette


Leaders need instruction in etiquette

Finance Minister Matia Kasaija addressing journalists at his Ministry on Thursday

Finance Minister Matia Kasaija addressing journalists

When I was in Senior One, some 50 years ago, one of the first things our English teachers took us through, was the manner of behavior in public. For instance, when in the dining hall, we were shown how and when to use the fork, knife and spoon, when eating.

Similarly, when a student got to class later than the teacher, he had to apologize as to why he was late, before he was allowed to sit at his desk. It was a process.

You stood at the door, and when he noticed you, he would ask you what your problem was, to which you would reply that you wished to join the class. He would then tell you to come in, but you did not go straight to your seat.

You stood at the aisle of the class, addressed him thus: “Sir, I am sorry I am late. I delayed buying a note book at the school store. I apologize. May I join the class?” That is the process of an apology.

When I watched the Minister of Finance, Mr. Matia Kasaijja, apologize for the fluff he is supposed to have made about the 1%, or is it the 0.5%, to Parliament on TV the other day, I knew, he did not know how to apologize properly.

In which case, how he went about it, was actually not an apology. Was he not a teacher before he came to Parliament?

Wouldnt it be wise if our Senior leaders were taken through Instructions in etiquette.

Chrizestom Ongolei
Arapai, Soroti



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