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South Sudan Peace Deal hanging by a thread


South Sudan Peace Deal hanging by a thread

South Sudan Peace Deal hanging by a thread

South Sudan Peace Deal hanging by a thread

Many people were shocked when South Sudan President, Salvatore Kiir refused to shake the hand of his rival, Dr. Riek Machar, during the signing of their peace agreement in Khartoum, but I was not. Moreover, it happened before their mediator, Sudan President, Omar al Bashir.

Therein was probably the first reason for this scandalous behaviour. All the three are, or have been sworn enemies at one time or other. Indeed, even at the ceremony, Kiir made some statements that were contrary to the spirit of peace.

So the main reason these three congregated at all, was so that the oil starts starting flowing again from the south. You can guess to whose pockets the proceeds will go to.

Secondly, the present African leaders have shown preponderance to practicing witchcraft in public. There is a belief that many of them rub their hands with talismans to either counter regressive similar talismans from their enemies, or use theirs to influence the opposing party to succumb to them. In rituals that may signify Dinka traditional culture, Kiir usually performs the ritual of jumping over the carcass of a pure white cow, and rubbing with its blood. This was indicative of that.

In other words, he was afraid that Machar had covered himself with talismans which would have affected him if he shook his hand. In that kind of scenario, where do you think the peace deal is headed to? Your guess is as good as mine!

Ghai Sholuk Ghai, Kawempe



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