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When will those arrested be brought to book?


When will those arrested be brought to book?

ASP Muhammad Kirumira killed recently

ASP Muhammad Kirumira killed recently

For about eight years now, many people have lost their lives in what I would call a weird manner. I am perturbed as to why the Government can decide to hide these criminals and fail to make us get to know about when they are going to be convicted.

While addressing the nation yesterday, President Yoweri Museveni, said that many of the criminals who killed Muslin clerics and other prominent personalities including Joan Kagezi and Andrew Felix Kaweesa were arrested and convicted.

Of course, I would like to believe the President, but I would also like to know why people who commited such gruesome murders in broad daylight should be convicted and sentenced in secret. As of now, all of us have not known when these murderers were convicted.

I would like to tell the President that the murdered people had relatives and the murderers committed these offenses against all Ugandans. Therefore, it would make no sense for these goons to be convicted and we do not get to know.

Actually, we would all have loved to be in the court when these goons are convicted. But we have relied on both the regular and social media to follow what is happening. Except that we have not got to know anything about their sentencing.

We, citizens of Uganda, demand to know this!

Abubakar Ndolerire




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