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Open Letter to IGP Okoth Ochola


Open Letter to IGP Okoth Ochola

Kidnapping goes to a new level

Open Letter to IGP Okoth Ochola

Dear Sir, I am forced to pen this missive to you because I think you may be the last hope for help. It concerns traffic.

I do not want to touch the matter of crowd control because that role of yours seems to have been taken over by Colonel (or, is he, Brigadier?) Don Nabasa, of the Special Forces Command. I am neither a terrorist, nor treasonable!

The other day, I stopped to drop off somebody by Tuskys’ Supermarket in Seeta. I parked the car by the roadside where other vehicles normally park. A boda boda rider following must have failed to read my indicator; and he nearly knocked into my rear. His reaction was to bang my car with his clenched fist, which shook me up.

You know how the taxi brokers bang the sides of matatus when they are displeased about the small bribes they extort from the conductors! It is a distressing sound that unsettles the passengers.

I came out to check if there was any damage to the car. When I looked up, the boda boda man had gone! Moreover, there is a Police post nearby; and a policeman merely looked on. I count countless acts of this type of road brigandage.

My point is: it seems the boda boda still have the hang-over of their boss, Abdalah Kittata. Kittata, likewise was taking his orders from Gen. Kale Kayihura; and Kayihura may have been taking his from (I don’t know who, ).

But since we have been told that the bean weevils have been routed, can’t you make a sense of order in the traffic? It appears the traffic boss has failed. Help me, a road user!

Justus Mataba, Kayunga



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