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KCCA thugs in overdrive to harass the hawkers


KCCA thugs in overdrive to harass the hawkers

Mango hawker

Mango hawker

Now that they have smelt that, Jenniffer Musisi Semakula has departed from Town Hall, the  Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) robbing askaris are roaming the streets to get easy pickings from the unfortunate hawkers, who are trying hard to eke out a living in this disastrous economy.

This is because there is a period of uncertainty between when she leaves office and before the new occupant takes efect.

Near Uganda House, we witnessed a comical, but unfortunate scene of this. These askaris, driving in their pick-up vehicle, suddenly jumped out of the back and ran towards the women selling mangoes by the verandah of the house. The women scattered, pouring some of the mangoes, which rolled down the street.

As it was, the askaris were actually after the hawker who was selling belts. When the man sensed they were after him, he ran, leaving the belts. One askari quickly grabbed the belts and swung back on to the pick-up – and they drove away with the loot. When they were gone, we helped pick up the mangoes that had rolled down the street, and gave it back to the women.

The new Executive Director should find a lasting solution to the hawker problem. We are tired of witnessing incidents of daylight robbery all the time.

Rukia Namagembe, Katwe



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