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Punish Iganga rapist boys very severely


Punish Iganga rapist boys very severely

Kidnapping goes to a new level

IGP Okoth Ochola

What is happening in this country? Recently there was very depressing news that a group of five boys gang-raped a Primary Five school girl in the evening when she was returning home from school.

It happened in Nawaningi village; and the Bungiro village Police post is not very far away from where the dog-pack gang did their disgusting criminal act. The girl would be in a position to identify some, if not all, her attackers. By now, even some of the villagers would have come to know.

As happens in such cases, the parents of the boys will rush to the Police with bribes to have the crime swept under the carpet. They will almost certainly want this as a matter to be settled out of court in a quiet community settlement.

This must not be allowed to happen. This dog-pack has done an incredible action that has scarred this girl’s life forever. In fact, it is not far out to assume that these boys have been carrying similar acts before, which have gone un-reported. And it is possible that they have infected this girl with HIV and AIDS. This simply has no excuses!

What are the LCs doing to inculcate morality and a sense of order in the community in the country? The Police say they have recorded thousands of such things countywide. We simply have to collectively wake up to make our country better. It was never like this before!

These Iganga dog-pack boys must be arrested and severely punished. And the information about their punishment must be circulated throughout Uganda, especially in all schools to serve as a deterrent to any other hooligans who should contemplate such a heinous act. Hopefully this will restore a sense of order in our village communities.



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