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No need for hullabaloo about the curvy Ugandan women


No need for hullabaloo about the curvy Ugandan women


New package for tourists

New package for tourists

Uganda’s tourism has got an unexpected boost with the arrival of an unlikely source for foreign tourists to gawk at. I am referring to the recent commotion about the bums of Ugandan women as a tourist attraction that the Tourism Minister of State, Geoffrey Kiwanda, is being accused of trying to sell.

Why the bother. In the Western world especially where these tourists come from there is the prevalent show of beauty pageants as a source of big business. Have you not seen the catwalks with young girls being paraded, sometimes almost naked, before an audience and fashion executives?

If the Westerns like this and they appreciate the bums of Ugandan women, why not show them to the highest bidders?

What I hear is that some of these huge bottoms are being simply contrived. I am asking the Uganda doctors to confirm or deny that many of these women are actually HIV and AIDS positive; and that the reason they have those big bottoms is as a result of taking ARVs.

Even then, if this is true, this is no reason to dampen the interest of tourists looking at the bottoms in the same way that they would appreciate the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest mountain gorillas.

Alastair Kikonyngo, Kyambogo, Kampala



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